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EXA GLOBAL are not just on focusing on creating a successful new leisure Virtual Reality Family Entertainment Centre (FEC), but also sustainable infrastructure that houses a conductive and creative environment that is learning and evolving to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

EXA’s master plan is to introduce itself to regional leisure market which seeks to provide Theme Park consultancy, Theme Park design, Implementation and Event Management services, Family Entertainment Centre design, Turn Key Solution, Hardware Solution for AR & VR, Concept Design & Build.

EXA Global works as socially responsible corporate entity collaborates with both foreign and local partners to create the maximum value for their shareholders.

EXA Global has a mission of creating a world-renowned Family Entertainment Centre that will focus on developing highly innovative, engaging experiences that caters to the VR industry for the ultimate Mixed Virtual Reality Content Experience. The company seeks to inspire people through the joy of VR gaming by creating wonderful and imaginative products with meaningful messages for our consumers to enjoy and interact.